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Upper floor display

Turntables, TV studio, high-end studio.

...and much more can be found upstairs.


You will be greeted on the first floor by our turntables. From Acoustic Solid, to Transrotor and Pro-Ject, you will encounter a choice selection taken from the numerous turntables in our range.

Very popular too is our TV studio with TVs in various sizes from the current Panasonic and Samsung ranges. Equipped, of course, with the appropriate soundbars.
The exhibition on the upper floor is rounded off with four more listening studios. Among them our high-end studio with the flagship offerings from various manufacturers. This is where the crème de la crème of loudspeakers and electronics come into their own. Yamaha, Electrocompaniet, Musical Fidelity, NAD and Krell are just a few examples.

We are especially proud of our two exclusive studios from Canton and Dynaudio. Supported by select electronics, you will find here the reference series of these, respectively, German and Danish manufacturers. Definitely one of the many highlights at Hifi-Schluderbacher!


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