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Ground floor display

Five listening studios, cables, headphones...

...and much more can be found on the ground floor.


In the display on the ground floor you will find numerous audio devices of all kinds. Here you can see for yourself our AV receivers, receivers, network streamers, integrated amplifiers and preamplifiers.

Cables in different variations of gold cable, Audioquest and Inakustik, as well as headphones and all manner of other accessories are also presented to you on the ground floor.
Among the five listening studios on the ground floor is the newly designed Revox Studio, of which we are particularly proud. It combines the new with the traditional, because in addition to the latest products, you can also marvel at the almost legendary tape machine B77.

The four other listening studios contain no less beautiful products. Numerous loudspeakers of all kinds from manufacturers such as B&W, ELAC, HECO, KEF, Magnat, Rotel and Triangle with matching electronics from Cambridge Audio, Denon and Marantz, among others, ensure an incomparable listening experience.



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