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Reality in Willich

Reality in Willich


The light is turned out, applause bursts out. Some people shout, others shriek. The curtain opens up. In the dark a drummer steps on the pedal and makes the membrane of the bass drum tremble. The room is flooded with blue light. The heavy sound crawls up from your feet, makes your trouser legs flutter, massages the pit of your stomach. Flash lights pop from the circles of the arena. At the right edge of the stage the bassist joins in; the guitarist at the far left strikes the first string. A melody takes shape. The pressure on your tummy has made way for butterflies; they take up more and more room up to your chest, make your heart flutter, leap. From the depth of the stage, the singer walks up to the microphone and struggles to get the first line out with a throaty voice. His blood has long since vanished from his head, the room fills with music. Memories, thoughts, feelings. What a real musical experience!

Acoustic reality leaves no room for interpretation. This is our view. When the black, chapped thumb of a musician barely touches the string in a smoky London studio or when the first violinist puts the fibrous bow on the strings in Sydney’s huge concert hall, an impulse is triggered! – Recorded by first-class microphones, these smallest electric signals are captured on a sound carrier. Real sound for eternity. Even the room, in which every single sound emerged, can be reproduced realistically. A true story happening when you switch on.

You make electricity flow freely from the sound carrier to your ears – one of the keys to this experience are cables. The cables’ function is to transport sound. Our cables can do it. Others only transform sound into heat. This is real, too. As always in life, not only the length and thickness of cables play an important role (even if people like saying that). Cables such as ours help you get the real experience. Length, resistance, quality. With us, you will find the perfect connection for your exquisite components.

Life is not always easy, particularly for Hifi manufacturers. For weeks and months they look for the best parts, calculate the optimum circuit. Each capacitor and every tube in a Hifi component have their particular data. The manufacturer has to start over again several times, in order to obtain excellent values for every component. Perfectionism regardless, only some developers are able to achieve the perfect circuit. Their work is right there on our shelves.

Millions of years have passed between the first step of an upright-walking, ape-like human being and the first step of a man on the moon. The breathtaking development of audio technology and storage, from electric to digital, from Schellack and optical sound to 192,000 Hz DVD audio was similarly earth-shattering, but it came about in just a few decades.

In the beginning of last century the recorded acoustic experience of an applauding audience at the Dresden Semper Opera was far from real. Miles away. The listeners who were told they were listening to the background noise of the North Sea believed it without reservation (Dresden-Cuxhaven = 562 kilometres). Nowadays we are able to give any disturbing noise a certain direction via a loudspeaker and to project it behind the eardrum realistically.

Should you, once more, be in doubt, do not hesitate to drop in. Our team of ten looks forward to bringing you closer to reality. Closer than you might have thought it possible. Reality will manifest itself via your eardrum – simply real.

Finally, read about another reality: You can bring your favourite CD and listen to it on the audio system of your dreams in one of our eight audio studios. We look forward to seeing you! And to listening to your music, the soundtrack of your life. That’s what we live for!