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A true story from Willich

The lights go down, applause breaks out. Scattered shouts, hysterical screams. The curtain opens. In the dark, the drummer operates the foot pedal, making the membrane of the bass drum tremble. Everything is bathed in a blue light. The heavy sound creeps upwards from the feet, making trouser legs flutter, massaging the pit of the stomach. Lights flash out from the stands of the arena. Stage right the bassist joins in, the guitarist, on the far left, strikes the first string. A melody is created. The bass line pressing on the stomach has now turned into butterflies, spreading out into the chest, making the heart flutter and jump. The singer steps forward from the back of the stage to the microphone, the first line plays throatily over his tongue. Blood has long since left the head, music breaks in and fills the room. Memories, fragments of thoughts, feelings. A truly musical experience!

Acoustic truth leaves no room for interpretation. That's how we see it. When, in a smoky London studio, the black, cracked thumb of a musician only bluntly touches the thick E-string, or when in the huge Concert Hall in Sydney the first violinist applies the fibrous bow, a pulse is created! - Recorded by top class microphones, these smallest electrical signals are captured on sound carriers. True sound for eternity. Even the room in which each sound was created can be reproduced with true signal fidelity. A true story that comes to pass when you turn on.

Then electricity flows, which finds its way unhindered from sound carrier to ear - one of the keys to this experience is therefore cables. Cables are there to transport the sound. Our cables can do that. Others convert it mainly into heat. That’s also the truth. As always in life, not only length and thickness play a role (people like to tell each other that). Cables like the ones you find in our shop serve to find the truth. Length, resistance, quality. You will find the optimal connection for your select components with us.


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